Unique Plant Terrariums

Gardening meets interior design with Chive’s unique plant terrariums for sale. A home decor accessory that grows with you, plant terrariums came of age during the Victorian era but are now more popular than ever. Shop plant terrariums for sale here!

Think of a terrarium as a mini greenhouse made just for you. Terrariums, or terraria - depending on how many you have - are cute little gardens housed in glass vessels. Terraria bring with them an ecosystem that improves air quality and satisfaction.

A terrarium is a semi-sealed clear glass enclosure that creates a miniature landscape with its own water cycle, a mini green microcosm where the environment is perfect for moisture-loving plants like mosses, ferns, air plants, orchids, begonias, and the like.

Both practical and decorative, these organic ecosystems reduce stress and improve air quality in small spaces - one of the reasons they have become so popular. The newfound resurgence around terraria is based around the fact that they are easy to care for. It only takes a little know-how, some common sense, and a bit of curiosity to create and maintain the proper conditions for your terrarium. Once you’ve purchased your own Chive terrarium, keep it alive by giving it a little TLC: indirect light, constant moisture, and a comfy temperature. That’s all that’s needed to have a thriving terrarium for years to come!

A Variety of Plant Terrariums For Sale

Easy to care for, unique plant terrariums give you a mini greenhouse in your home or office. Even if you’re not a Green Thumb, you are sure to appreciate the fact that terrariums are self-nourishing - which is why they require little maintenance.

If you’re looking for plant terrariums for sale online, Chive has several options sure to satisfy the pickiest shopper. We have a myriad of styles available - from hanging terrariums to table terrariums and even decorative pieces. Bring out the right one to match your personality. Chive also features models for succulents and ceramics - so be sure to check out these models too.

Browse our collection of vases and terrariums; there’s sure to be a shape and style that will make any flower, cactus or succulent even more striking. Perfect for small spaces, they even allow apartment dwellers to bring some of the wellness-boosting effects of nature into their interior. Have a little nature smiling at you.