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Table Top Terrarium



Product Information

This glass, 6-inch glass terrarium is perfect for all your terrarium vase needs! With a 2.5-inch mouth opening, there is more than enough room for even the clumsiest of hands to get in and plant succulents, add moss and rocks and soil and air plants and any other accoutrements you can find that will give your eco-system creation your personal touch. Try a few of the Noch figurines to add a story to your Table Terrarium.  Alternately, you can also use the glass terrarium for a floating tealight. Go ahead and see where the mood takes you!

Please note that this is a perfectly round Table Terrarium vase so you will need to buy one of our Ceramic Rings for a base to sit it on, but we’ve got three colours to pick from so you’re set! Once you decide on your ring you can place these creative glass terrariums anywhere you need to add that little bit of oomph to any room.

The Table Top Terrarium is 6" in diameter.

Plants We Love in this Terrarium: Ioantha, Albertiana and Cyanea

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