Nature - Goudi aka Krunk


Product Information

We were inspired by the vintage feel that’s been so popular of late and wanted to take a classic-modern twist on the old glass floral frogs of the 1960's so we came up with Goudi.  This is a great piece for the creative types who like a floral challenge, but it’s easy enough that even those who feel creatively challenged can still make a statement. It mixes well with any aesthetic from the classic grandma’s plastic covered couch to a sleek and modern glass tower. Use on your coffee table, or that empty spot on the shelf you’ve been looking to fill, it works equally well as a centerpiece. This is a statement piece that you make by adding your creative touches, everyone will be asking what your inspiration was!


It looks great filled with bright colored flowers, but works equally well with some simple greenery or even on its own just waiting for your next cutting.


Flowers Shown In Picture: Tulips / Also Looks Good With: Hyacinth, Hydrangea


dimensions: 9"l x 3"w x 2"h


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