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The Mead Planter is one of three new series of 3 inch flower pots that we have designed for all your Spring 2017 planting needs! Mead is a little bit different than the other small ceramic pots for plants we have created to date. We are really excited to offer something with a textured finish and footed bottom – a little more of a traditional shape and palette than you’re used to seeing from us. Eight colors make up this range, adding diversity & situating the pot in virtually any environment.

While it does not have a drainage hole, a shallow layer of gravel on the bottom will keep your succulents happy. Just be careful not to over-water – a teaspoon of water once your potting soil dries out is enough to keep your succulent going.

If you like the Mead Planter, be sure to check out some of our other small ceramic pots for plants: Fang, Tika Planter & Brilliant, all are fabulous 3 inch flower pots.

Mead Planters are 3.5" diameter and 3" tall.

Plants We Love in this Planter: Echevaria, Jade, Crown of Thorns, Burro's Tail, Abdita, Caput Medusae

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