Loft Mix Pack


Product Information

When I was a small kid, on summer vacation would go to the family farm in rural Illinois. I would constantly find arrowheads and these small medicine bottles from the past. So we took 5 shapes and had them cast to make small flower vases.

We have also seen some nice photos that have been sent up to us using them as glass wedding vases, with throws and clusters of them scattered down the table. The small flower vases come in five colors (peridot, light green, clear, light blue, and dark blue).

If you are thinking about using these as glass wedding vases, don’t over think it. There are so many good combinations, it really does not matter when they are clustered together. Basically, try to find an ugly one.

The Loft small flower vases are also great to have kicking around for clippings from the garden. 

Comes with 1ea, Oval Blue Grey, Square Peridot, Rectangle Clear, Bottle Olive, Circle Light Blue

The Loft Bottle is 2.25” in diameter, 3” tall.

The Loft Circle is 2.25” in diameter, 3” tall. 

The Loft Oval is 2.25” in diameter, 3” tall.

The Loft Square is 2.25” in diameter, 3” tall.

The Loft Rectangle is 2.25” in diameter, 3” tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase: Spray Roses, Kermit mums, Freesia, Baby Cymbidium Orchids, Waxwing

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