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Porcelain Bird Flower Vase

Traditional bird shaped ceramic vase

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porcelain Bird trio - white, black, baby blue

A traditional cozy cottage country vase

With a modern, contemporary twist.

This unique decorative porcelain bird bud vase is often underestimated and relegated to the traditional end of the spectrum. But don't let her fool you, she is one of the most widely loved vases in Chive history, from high end contemporary shops to middle America mom and pop gift stores.

With 5 individual holes which you can fill up with flowers, creating the effect of the bird sitting in a lush landscape and a larger whole on her backside for filling water. She clearly looks comfortable in any setting whether it be a cozy cottage country, or modern and sleek. Best of all the vase is fully glazed inside so no need to worry of any leakage.


    Porcelain Bird

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