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Loft Small Glass Bud Vase

Vintage glass apothecary flower vase

Shop CollectionLoft apothecary medicine bottle vase
Loft vintage apothecary vase

A vintage vase look for the modern
day home

Classic, elegant, timeless bud vase.

Any flower that you have will look good in a Loft vase. With five different colors and shapes to choose from, the styling possibilities are endless.

These vintage apothecary inspired bud vases are perfect for place setting or to give them away as wedding favors.Brides love these small and cute bud vases, clustering different colors and shapes together, creating perfect rustic wedding centerpieces.

Loft vases are so cute and tiny that you can sneak them into your bathroom, or on your bedside table. They are perfect for those loose buds from your garden or the precious dandelions that your son or daughter brings home.



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