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Caterpillar Vase

Glass Floral Bubble Bud Vase

Shop CollectionHudson 4 Caterpillar Vase Close Up
Hudson 4 Caterpillar Vase close up right side

Every florist loves a Caterpillar Vase

Particularly ones that can be used to make beautiful floral arrangements.

Each Caterpillar vase in is individually hand blown by a glass artisan. Making each an original work of art. For three years the Caterpillar bud vase has been universally loved for it’s ability to make stunning arrangements for weddings, dinner tables, night stands, or even the windowsill.

This quintessential centrepiece vase that can be used with any flower. With two available size options your floral options are endless. The original Hudson 4 Caterpillar Vase is perfect for any small bud. The Hudson 5 Big Caterpillar is accommodating to those with a longer stem, while keeping that simple elegant look the smaller version has been come to be known for. 


    caterpillar vase

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