Wall Mounted Vases

Our wall mounted vases come in a variety of styles, shapes, colors and designs to suite any space and personal taste. These innovative designs are perfect for displaying your bouquets or single stem flowers. Spruce up your interior space with unique wall mount vases, sure to be a conversation piece in themselves.

Wall mounted vases are a beautiful and elegant alternative to standing vases, and boast more of a green and organic feel. Make your space more dynamic with a variety of different vases in different colors. Hanging up your vases saves a lot of counter space so you have additional room for your other accessories. No need to worry about tipping over a countered vase with these unique and elegant wall mounted vases.

Chive's unique wall moutned vases can spruce up any living space. Nurturing and growing indoor flowers and plants has never been more exciting. If you have small spaces within your home and space is a luxury, than anything to do with saving space is always on your mind. With wall-mounted decor, the use of space is not an obstacle any longer.

Bolsk from $65.00
Coral 4 from $19.63