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Unique Wall Mount Glass Vases

Decorating your home is essential to creating a warm, inviting ambiance. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use vases to decorate your living space or guest living quarters. A fresh set of flowers means someone went out of their way to think of the guests’ comfort. A good host or hostess knows that it is these little things that go a long way, and leave a lasting impression on people that stop by to visit.

Brighten your day with wall mounted glass vases that bring your home a myriad of benefits. Chive’s unique vases mount on a wall or vertical surface and create a conversation piece. These beautiful springtime and summertime arrangements have been perfectly designed to ensure stability and aesthetics.

Show off gorgeous floral arrangements with unique wall mounted vases from Chive. These products create a focal point in the home and add a nice alternative to a simple photo frame or mirror. Arrange them any way you like, and watch how new quickly new guest notice the colorful stylings. Add a warm-colored vase to your living room, kitchen or bedroom for a sunny feel or cool-hued vases for a relaxed atmosphere.