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Product Information

These cool glass vases have an appeal as they are quite unique to the Chive collection. Particularly the modern black vase, when Chive, most of the time, refuses to make anything black! Neutrino is made from thick, heavy, hand blown glass – coming from one of our favorite suppliers —means superb quality every time. They are ideal to place in that little nook where there is nothing else going on.

Either use a single flower or a couple of cuttings to angle flowers over one side of the vase or place a Chive Floral Frog to place in the base of the vase to stand flowers upright as seen in the picture. There are four styles to choose from: A modern black vase, animal print style and then three bronzed wispy numbers, in varying forms of glamour and pizzazz!

If you are a fan of Neutrino, be sure to check out Nebula, Ligne and Nova for some similarly unique cool glass vases.

Neutrino's are 4” in diameter and 2" tall.

Flowers We Love in this Vase:Tulips, Bouvardia, Ranunculus, Mums, Craspedia & Gloriosa

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