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Hanging Flower Vases

Hanging flower vases are the perfect way to showcase your mini indoor garden. Since these specialty vases hang from the ceiling, they create a unique piece in themselves even when they don’t house flowers. These vases are perfect for small spaces as they save an abundance of counter space while they act as a focal pieces of the wall that they are on. Place these wall hanging flower vases in a corner to fill in empty space for a cozy and contemporary look.

These hanging flower vases are very versatile, looking great in any space they are situated in. Even if you don’t intent on putting flowers in them, they look great with decorative glass, moss, shells, ornamental stones, and a whole host of other items.

Since our wall hanging flower vases come in an eclectic variety of colors, shapes, sizes and transparencies, there is sure to be one that matches your taste. The vases that we offer are ideal for single stem flowers. The innovate designs that are offered by CHIVE are expertly crafted and add a special touch to your interiors.


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