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Hanging Terrariums

Looking for a unique and fun way to display your succulents, air plants, or decorative rocks and shells? Our hanging terrariums are a fantastic way to showcase your mini garden. Create a truly eye-catching display with hanging glass terrariums that are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some of the glass and ceramic terrariums that we offer come with a nautically-inspired twine which makes for the perfect way to hang your mini garden.

We have hanging terrariums for sale in a variety of styles. We offer hanging terrariums that compliment any space. Even if you don’t plan on putting a mini garden in the terrarium, they look great with candles, shells, decorative stones, and miniature figurines in them as well.

Chive's hanging terrariums look perfect when grouped together, and make a display that begs a second glance. Get multiple sizes and pair them together in your kitchen or bedroom for a gorgeous display. Terrarium gardens require minimal maintenance, making them the perfect plant for even those that don’t have a natural green thumb. With moss, decorative rocks, and an air plant, you can create a display that is easy to construct and looks simple yet elegant.

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