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Unique Ceramic Vases

Chive’s collection of unique ceramic vases don't just hold beautiful arrangements of your favorite flowers. They can be beautiful all by themselves...

With a wide selection of vases available in both contemporary and traditional styles, you are sure to find the right piece for your home. Available in a wide variety of designs including hanging, wall, vase, event, and animal - Chive decorative ceramic vases are perfect for creating unique floral arrangements.

Combine these vases with vibrant flowers and leave guests at a loss for words. Create a dramatic setting to help you set a mood, and use a wide variety of high quality glass, porcelain, and ceramic stylings to “wow” your guests.

The more decorative designs instantly brighten a table and look instantly chic with single color floral arrangements. Hang them from the ceiling, put them up on a perch, or leave them sitting as the floral centerpiece on a long table - you can’t go wrong!